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Make money.

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Partner with us to serve niche insurance markets and finally make the money you need to transform your life.

Stand on the shoulders of MILLIONAIRES

Insurance is a trillion-dollar industry.

Regular people with no special talent or fancy education are making millions selling it. Traditionally, you needed a full-time agency job or a boatload of money to get started in this lucrative world. 

Not anymore.

We put you in business with the top sellers in the industry.

You bring in new leads, and we share the profits on every successful deal. Plus, you get paid again every time the client renews with us—that’s passive income, and it’s the key to financial freedom.

I'm Jeff Friedlander,

a career insurance agent and one of the top sellers in the business. I created Insurance Millionaires for two reasons.

1. You want a life of financial freedom and leisure time. I built mine on insurance, and I can help you do the same.

2. Insurers need you! There’s a mountain of opportunity and a shortage of people who can go out and get it.

So, I created a new model that empowers you.

Insurance Millionaires lets you enter this industry with only a minimal investment of time and money. Our team of niche experts will train you, support you, and most importantly, compensate you generously for your partnership with us.

For a go-getter who’s willing to put in some work upfront, this is an opportunity that will pay dividends like no other.

What are your goals?

  • Control your income
  • Pay off your debts
  • Support your family
  • Fund your future
  • Pursue your dreams
  • Escape your job
  • Stop worrying
  • Relax and enjoy life

It all comes down to the one thing this program is design to create: financial freedom.

Get the big wins without the headaches

Not all business opportunities are created equal. Most turn into monsters that suck the life out of you and your wallet—the exact opposite of what you want. Insurance Millionaires makes it easy to get profits without sacrificing your finances or your sanity.

Passive income

The secret to a great life is simple: separate your time from your income. With us, you earn a commission on every successful lead you bring in. But the real magic is that you keep getting paid every time that client renews, with no additional work! Over time, you build up a book of clients that pay you every year without you lifting a finger.


Don’t chain yourself to a corporate schedule or slave away for 100 hours a week just to cover your overhead costs. With us, you can work as much or as little as you like. You can take care of your family, study, or even keep your full-time job.

Easy start

You don’t need a special degree or a pile of money to begin. All it takes is a few weeks of study, a few hundred dollars, and a fire in the belly! We’ll give you all the knowledge and tools you need, straight from the mouths of the top people in the industry. If you like talking to people and have a burning desire to achieve your goals, you will be successful.

NO high costs

Starting a business from scratch is expensive. Franchise fees, rent, inventory, wages, and other costs can easily top $100K, and it can take years to turn a true profit. We don’t operate like that. Instead, we charge a flat, low monthly fee to give you all the resources you need plus the back-office infrastructure to close deals and support clients.

NO complex demands

Running a business usually means worrying about complications like supply chain, staff, marketing, accounting, and more. With us, your business couldn’t be simpler. You find leads, send them to us, and collect your commission. That’s it.

NO vulnerabilities

Are rapidly changing markets making you nervous? Do you lie awake wondering how a downturn could affect your business? You can stop now. Insurance sells no matter what – whether the markets go up, down, or sideways, people always need to protect themselves against financial loss. If you provide protection, you’ll always win.

Ready to get the life you want?

If you're excited to learn, eager to take action, and determined to achieve your goals, we want to talk to you.

Don't take my word for it.

These insurance professionals agree that this opportunity is too good to pass up.

I have known Jeff for more than 10 years, and he is one of my closest friends. What he has done, simply put, is build a bridge for the average person to make the kind of money that it took agency owners like me our entire careers to achieve, and allows you to build off that base. Insurance companies fly him all over and consult with him, because nobody is thinking and doing what he does. I know his Inner Circle folks – the instructors – they all deliver the goods. If you want a real shot, take this seriously.

J.D. Dickinson

I met Jeff at a private invitation-only Mastermind Group and honestly thought he might be crazy. Things he was doing and thinking were so counter to what the rest of the insurance industry was doing.  Simply put, Jeff has figured out how to get paid over and over again for work that other people do.  He is inviting you to be part of his profit center with very little skin in the game and nothing but upside for you. Do your due diligence, but realize you are being invited into a system that has been kept closed to outsiders for years. Now it’s your turn.

Bruce Strachan

Angie Demmig Insurance Millionaires

I have worked on several projects with Jeff over the years and a happy to call him a friend. He is industrious, creative and always finds a way to take an idea and turn it into a profitable venture. Jeff surrounds himself with talented driven people who share in his passion to achieve the impossible. If you want to think outside of the box, get business done and make money, Jeff is the guy to align yourself with.

Angie Demmig

John Baccarella Insurance Millionaires

I started out working in my family’s grocery store, so I understand where you start is really only the beginning of your story. My office insures contractors, commercial auto risks and most recently couriers. That’s it. I have done this for more than 40 years. What I make or how I live my life isn’t the point here – I have 2 producers who have been with me over 20 years – each makes more than $200k a year. They would never leave because they can’t get the deal I give them – the commission, the markets – the success. Here is what you should care about – Insurance Millionaires gives you that exact same deal, and more. Those who really know me know I am brutally honest. If you don’t do this, you will keep wishing to make big dollars and will have nobody but yourself to blame. Jeff and his team, many of whom are my friends, are giving you a real life chance that nobody else has.

John Baccarella

John Hawk Insurance Millionaires

As a former captive agent, I have done the traditional agent model with six figure buy-ins and staff and expenses, and all I can say to people is you don’t know what you don’t know. I am now the National Sales Leader for Insurance Millionaires, and to say the grass is greener on one side vs the other is such an understatement. If you can find people making the kind of money these instructors churn out each and every year, for so little risk on your part – call me anytime – nobody has the juice in insurance land that these guys do. Why start at the bottom, when you can start at the top?

John Hawk

Jim Sosinski

A main concern for anyone entering into a business relationship is whether you’ll paid the correct amount and on time…basically whether all the parties involved keep to the agreement. My firm has been engaged to ensure just that: correct and timely payments to our producers each and every month. Also, just like the hair club for men commercial, I am not only the company CFO, but I’m also a client. Shortly after being engaged and learning about the Insurance Millionaires opportunity, I myself obtained my insurance licenses, and in the second month, received a four digit commission share check. Proof the system works. I also had the opportunity to personally meet and get to know many of the IM instructors. Industry leaders who found their own niche in the large universe of insurance and from which have created for themselves a very comfortable lifestyle. Leaders who now, want to share with you, the story of how they did it.

James Sosinski